Martin's activites at Crazy Kim's English School.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and Nha Trang, Vieetnam.




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Odds & Ends

Test results

Fruits of Vietnam

Social  events:  
   January 18th  
    TET Party     

  December 21st  
    Christmas Party     

   August 31st
   Lunch at   

   August 15th
   "Teachers' Day"
April 14 th
   Vintage Coffee

   Martin's first
   visit to
   Crazy Kim's

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Martin is an old computer teacher that teaches English at Crazy Kim's English School in Nha Trang. He is from Norway. His favorite restaurant in Nha Trang is CheapCheap.

Who is Crazy Kim? Read all about her. Kim's Facebook.

These pages are for Martin's Friday students and fellow teachers.

Here you fill find the lecturing notes, test results and pictures taken at various occasions since Martin started teaching in April of 2019.

Click the images for a larger picture and details.

Here is the route from Oslo, Norway to Nha Trang. A long flight with at least one stop-over.


Here the trip from Bangkok to Nha Trang. Bangkok is the normal stop-over.

Teaching related material

Grammar lessons.

Test results.

Odds and ends, flags, pictures of provinces, fruits, rules, lecture notes, communication, "Why study English", etc.  

Best English grammar lessons.


Social events


TET party at Lang Nuong Zalo restaurant, Jan 18th, 2020.



The students like to sing.

New Year's party in the classroom on Jan 7th, 2020.

December 21st, 2019, Christmas Party at 77 Le Dai Hanh Str., Nha Trang.

Saturday August 31st, 2019,  lunch with class at Cheap-Cheap Vietnamese Food, Martin's favorite restaurant in Nha Trang.

Friday August 15th, "Teachers' Day".

Martin classes, 0900 and 1030, April 14th at Vintage Coffee House.

Martin's first visit to Crazy Kim's School in April 2019.  


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