Odds and Ends or "Sundry" (đồ lặt vặt).
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and Nha Trang, Vieetnam.




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Odds & Ends

Test results

Fruits of Vietnam

Social  events:  
   January 18th  
    TET Party     

  December 21st  
    Christmas Party     

   August 31st
   Lunch at   

   August 15th
   "Teachers' Day"
April 14 th
   Vintage Coffee

   Martin's first
   visit to
   Crazy Kim's

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Selected flags, countries and capitals, part 1.
Counties are Myanmar, Burma, Cambodia, Taiwan, China, Laos, Norway and Thailand.

Past and present flags and capitals of Vietnam  part 2.

This is a word document stating the rules for the "Guessing Game". It is best viewed using "Read Mode" in Word, or if you have an old version, "Full Screen Mode".


Classroom rules for Friday classes.
If you don't want to follow them,
Martin don't want you in his class.
If you don't like them, find another teacher.

Why is it called Crazy Kim's English School? Read this article that appeared in The Globe and Mail from Canada. Written in 2007.

Family relations are by blood and marriage. Do the exercise and draw up your family tree.


Fruits of Vietnam. Learn their English names. Just click the individual fruit and you get data and name on the fruit.



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