Saturday August 31st, 2019,  lunch with class at Cheap-Cheap VieAntnamese Food, Martin's favorite restaurant in Nha Trang.

Here are some pictures from April 2019.

Suong is making a point. She is the no. 1 test score of the class.

Huynh learns English to teach his children English. Good idea.

Suong making a poing.

NHuoung, is taking to the class.

N2?, Ngok and Martin.

Ngok, Ha and N2? is trying to get the music to work.

Ha has his own travelling agency not far from Cheap-Cheap.

Suong, Martin and N1? having a nice time.

Ha is enjoying his soup

Ha, Bib and teacher Matthew at the table.


Suong, Martin and Minh having a nice time.

An, N3? and Bib.

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